Robert Pennington is a Brooklyn, NY-based documentary photographer and filmmaker. He has worked in media arts for 25 years and holds a BFA in Film from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Pennington’s focus is exploring social, cultural and political phenomena and how the effects impact the human condition. He has worked in Europe, the South Pacific, Latin America and the US.

Pennington is currently working on INSIDEimmigration, the third series in his pentalogy, MARGINS An examination of society’s periphery and the people that live there. INSIDEimmigration is an in-depth story about the lives of immigrant families of Hispanic origin in America’s heartland – St. Louis, Missouri. It is a narrative exploring the juxtaposition found between documented “legals” and undocumented “illegals” and the impressions left on the lives of immigrants in a deeply divided America.

In 2017, Pennington received a commission to create Resistencía – a photographic work celebrating Afro-Colombian traditions, culture and long-standing resistance to oppression – for the CCAMDA/Calima Bajo Community Councils in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Resistencía is scheduled for exhibition in 2018. Pennington is a 2017 recipient of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Process Space Artists-in-Residence Program on Governor’s Island, New York City. Pennington will develop and present work there throughout the summer.